Graham Park Massage
by American Bodywork LLC

Massage Descriptions

Fluff 'n Buff 

For beginners, youngsters, and oldsters, this gentle massage with smooth, gliding strokes will release tension and relax the nervous system. 

Deep Therapy

This firm pressure massage is designed to address specific areas of tension or concern and support healing and release of those stubborn, tight areas due to injury or stress.

Muscle Melt

For this special massage, we use some of our best weapons. Hot stones have been used for centuries to combat tight muscles, soreness, and stress. Now combined with detoxifying hot compresses and essential oils specified for pain relief and tightness, this massage rocks!

Goddess in the Park

Feel like a goddess after this luxurious treatment. This massage includes an eye treatment, hand and foot salt or sugar scrub and paraffin dip, hot stones, salt or sugar back scrub, invigorating foot creme, and a chocolate truffle to help bring you back from your alpha state. We recommend at least the two hour for full enjoyment.


This Japanese style of floor massage will address the physical, emotional, and mental symptoms that can manifest from energetic imbalances in the body. Using meridians, acupressure points, and compressive pressure, this relaxing massage is designed to restore the balance between mind and body. Wear loose, comfortable clothing, please. No oils or lotions used.

Thai Massage

Wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement for this deep massage performed on a mat on the floor. No oils are used as you are guided through deep stretching and muscle compression for a relaxed, energized you!

Thai Abdominal Detox

Designed to unwind the belly, the sequence of deep, slow movements facilitates digestion, elimination, and the release of stagnant energy. Hot herbal compresses complete the treatment. Wear loose, comfortable clothing for this belly rub for adults.

Raindrop Therapy

A generous use of the best essential oils, this detox massage supports healing and balances the energies of the body. Young Living essential oils are applied to the reflexology points of the feet that correspond to the spine, then "raindropped" and massaged into the back. Hot towels complete this massage. We recommend the ninety minute massage for those who are looking for a full body massage.

Pregnancy Massage

Nurture the new life within you. Our trained therapists will lend support to this challenging time. First trimester is not recommended.

Junior Massage

Our kids work, study, and play harder than ever. Help support their efforts with this 45 minute massage tailored for those age 15 and under. Parent must be present.

Lymphatic Drainage

Stimulate the movement of lymph to cleanse and regenerate tissues, detoxify the body, and promote a healthy balance. This light touch massage uses repetetive strokes to move interstitial fluid, removing waste from inflamed tissues, and increasing the body's resistance to infection. Especially beneficial to prepare and cleanse the body pre surgery, to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing post surgery.


This light touch, relaxing service is designed to help the body return to a state of homeostasis. Eight doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils are gently applied to the soles of the feet and the energy meridians of the back. We recommend the ninety minute service for those looking for additional Swedish massage on other areas of the body. For those seeking stress management, immune support, and inflammatory response.

Oncology Massage with Patty

Welcome to a caring, nurturing and understanding touch. This massage is offered to those who have gone through cancer surgery, have been on or are still on chemotherapy. With your doctor's permission our certified therapist will gently massage and help relieve discomfort. This massage has been known to minimize the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, reduce muscle spasms, decrease fatigue, remove toxins, reduce stress, boost the immune system and provide relaxation and comfort. Our Oncology Massage is scheduled for sixty minutes but may be adjusted for less time if necessary.

Reiki Energy Treatment

Experience the channeling of Reiki energy to calm the mind, promote healing, and restore a balanced vibrancy in your life. Add this energy work to any massage. For a full, stand-alone treatment, please consider the sixty minute treatment.