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by American Bodywork LLC

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                                                            Aromatherapy is always complimentary                                            

1 Hour FLUFF 'N BUFF    $85

             ^our best Swedish                                                                                

1 1/2       $110                                   

2 Hour     $160                                                                                        

                                                         add Exfoliating Back Scrub  $12

                                                         add a soothing Eye Treatment $6

                                                          add a Mini Relaxing Facial Treatment  $28


1 Hour DEEP THERAPY  $95                 

             ^for those who need a little work                      

1 1/2      $120

2 Hour    $180  



              ^our best weapons against stress, anxiety, and soreness

1 1/2 Hour $140



             ^you deserve the very best

1 1/2 Hour     $175

2 Hour     $235

3 Hour     $350


***Couples Massages are available upon request at no extra charge***


Pregnancy Massage     $95

THAI Massage  90 min    $150

                            2 hour    $200

THAI Abdominal Detox - 1 Hour    $100

Raindrop Massage     $95

                             90 min   $130

Junior Massage  $75

Reiki Energy treatment  30 min add on $45

                                                  1 Hour $85


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                                    FEET TREATS

**Each of our Feet Treat sessions include a complimentary aromatherapy foot soak and cup of tea**

A Stroll in the Park

Feet ticklish? This non-massage package treats you to an essential oil foot soak, followed by an exfoliating salt or sugar scrub, ending with a soothing paraffin dip     $32

A Walk in the Park

Soak tired feet in your choice of aromatherapy, then enjoy a 20 minute foot Reflexology session, ending with a soothing paraffin dip     $42

A Run in the Park

Your feet deserve an aromatherapy soak followed by a 30 minute foot Reflexology session, then exfoliate with a salt or sugar scrub     $54

Graham Park Tri

Your entire being will feel the benefits of this aromatherapy foot soak, followed by a 45 minute foot Reflexology session, then exfoliate with our exclusive scrubs, softening further with a hot paraffin dip. And don't forget the chocolate truffle!     $74


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