Graham Park Massage
by American Bodywork LLC



As delightful as summertime can be, we still sometimes need to dial down, regroup, take some time for ourselves. At Graham Park Massage, we have the perfect escape. Begin your full ninety minute retreat with a moisturizing avocado oil foot soak to restore your summer feet. Sip an optional glass of sangria before you retire to your therapeutic massage. And finally, let us make your back shine with a Pineapple Rum Splash or Mediterranean Mint moisturizing sugar scrub. We guarantee you'll be planning your next escape before you leave.

90 min   $129

add a mini relaxing facial treatment to this escape for only $19

offer expires 9/30/17

gift certificates can be redeemed at any time

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Relax in a blink as we focus on cleansing and toning; try one of our masks: Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Pimple, Even-Toning or Hydrating, and finish with a revitalizing eye gel. Our alba Botanica products are hypo-allergenic and paraben free. Add this relaxing facial treatment to any table massage for only $28.